Daniel Kim

Daniel Kim

Your name: Daniel Kim

Your home town: Atlanta, Georgia

Your major(s): NBB and Spanish

Are you fluent in any language(s) other than English? Yes, Korean. 

What are your career plans? Med school

What is your favorite book or author and why? Conversations to Myself by Nelson Mandela — Taken from journal entries and letters that he wrote during his time in jail, it offers insight into the personal life of the late revolutionary. The book serves as a reminder that even the greatest lead "normal" lives and, conversely, that even “normal” people can be great. 

What is your favorite word? Sautéed 

Describe (in a short paragraph) a significant breakthrough in your development as a writer: Before coming to college, I never understood the importance of revising. So when I walked into my freshman writing course, I tackled each essay with the same strategy I used throughout high school: think of a topic sentence, support it with evidence and hope it flows reasonably well. In this flawless method, my first draft served as my final draft. It had worked well before so I thought that the class would not be a problem for me. Unfortunately, I was mistaken—halfway through the semester and I was still not doing as well as I wanted. Finally remembering how crucial the revision step was to writing, I made sure to take the extra step on all my subsequent essays, scouring the paper for anything I could potentially improve upon. The class helped me come to the realization that the revision step not only serves as an opportunity to improve the essay itself, but also as a testimony to the idea that there is no such thing as “perfect writing.” Understanding that a writer is only as good as his or her willingness to improve has been the most significant breakthrough in my writing career.