Steffi Krull


Your name: Steffi Krull

Your home town: Stilwell, Kansas

Your major(s): History (PhD); undergrad majors were in History and German

Are you fluent in any language(s) other than English? German with a working knowledge of Polish

What are your career plans? Ideally to be a history professor at a smaller liberal arts college. If that doesn’t pan out, I would love to be a writer of creative non-fiction. Or maybe I’ll manage to do both. We shall see!

What is your favorite book or author and why? Cry, the Beloved Country by Alan Paton. It’s a beautifully written story of heartache and healing during South African apartheid. Paton gives the characters such depth as he weaves their lives together in tragedy and triumph. His prose reads like poetry, and every time I read this book I’m struck anew by the author’s talent.

What is your favorite word? Conniption!

Describe a significant breakthrough in your development as a writer:  During my junior year of college, I studied abroad in Austria and decided to start a blog about my travels. Although I had loved to write as a kid and had always done well in English classes, I hadn’t written “for fun” in many years. For some reason, it just didn’t seem like a good use of my time. Through the blog, I rediscovered my love of writing and its value in helping me work through ideas. I now see writing not only as a means of communication with others, but also as an invaluable method for untangling and organizing my thoughts.