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Application Instructions for Academic Year 2017-2018

Prospective undergraduate tutors

Students from all majors are encouraged to apply. Our tutors work with writers from a variety of disciplines, levels, and language backgrounds. Tutors also participate in ongoing professional development and have opportunities for research, leadership, and community engagement. This challenging and rewarding position cultivates skills valued by graduate schools and employers. Tutors work 6-10 hours per week. Pay is $10/hour.

All applicants need to submit an application coversheet, letter of application, unofficial transcript, resume, and academic writing sample. Completed applications (hard copy only please) go to Callaway N-212 or N-205A. Find detailed instructions for all of these application documents in the application cover sheet file linked below.
Selected applicants will be invited to interview. Final decisions will be announced by late March. Applications are due by February 20th at 5 pm.

To learn more, visit one of our information sessions:

Wednesday, Feb 1, 4-5 pm
Callaway N-116

Thursday, Feb 9, 4-5 pm   
Callaway N-116

To be considered for a position as a new Emory Writing Center tutor beginning in Fall 2017, you must be able to work a minimum of 6 hours/week and must be able to attend our orientation on Monday, August 21st. Please review the following additional responsibilities and benefits of working at the writing center before applying for the position:

Responsibilities of Working at the Emory Writing Center

  • Attend all required training/professional development activities

To be considered for a position as an undergraduate tutor, you must be able to attend our orientation on Monday, August 21st. Other required activities include a Saturday all-staff training day at the start of the spring semester, weekly small group meetings, one-on-one meetings with the EWC faculty coordinator, and peer observations.

  • Work 6-10 hours/week (including tutoring and training hours)

Tutors must commit to working at least 6 hours/week. Tutors are required to give availability (for scheduling purposes) for at least 15 hours during the time the EWC is open for tutoring: Sun-Thurs 12-8 and Fri 12-5.

  • Comply with EWC philosophy, policies, and procedures
  • Report to work prepared and on time
  • Complete reading and writing assignments

Tutors will complete a set of readings and writing activities prior to our August 21st orientation. These should not take more than 15 hours total to complete. Tutors are also required to complete brief reading and writing assignments throughout the year.

  • Find coverage when you need to miss a tutoring shift
  • Complete HR paperwork and keep track of your pay

Benefits of Working at the Emory Writing Center

  • Earn money

Undergraduate tutors beginning in August 2017 will be paid $10/hour.

  • Develop tutoring, teaching, interpersonal, and leadership skills
  • Gain experience working with a diverse body of students
  • Learn strategies to improve your own writing
  • Broaden your knowledge of writing across disciplines and modes
  • Practice communicating across language differences
  • Participate in community partnerships
  • Engage scholarship in writing center studies
  • Conduct primary research related to writing and tutoring
  • Cultivate skills valued by graduate schools and employers

Prospective graduate fellows

Fellowships will involve 15 hours of work a week, with the remainder of time devoted to completion of the dissertation. Fellows' responsibilities include tutoring in the Emory Writing Center; mentoring undergraduate peer tutors; conducting training sessions, staff meetings, and writing workshops; identifying and designing writing resources; and promoting use of the EWC. Fellows may also have opportunities to participate in research projects, attend professional conferences, and contribute to initiatives of the larger Emory Writing Program in which the Writing Center resides. For the upcoming 2017-2018 academic year, the EWC will give special consideration to fellowship candidates who have active interests in or professional experience with writing center studies, digital writing, community partnerships, and/or pedagogy for multilingual students.

We will have two information sessions: 

Wednesday, Feb 1, 4-5 pm
Callaway N-116

Thursday, Feb 9, 4-5 pm   
Callaway N-116

Click here for the full graduate fellow position posting and application instructions. Complete applications are due February 13th at 5 pm.