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The Emory Writing Center (EWC) staff includes undergraduate, graduate, and professional tutors trained to support writers across disciplines. We are prepared to support you at any stage of your composing process. 

Whether you are brainstorming ideas, writing a cover letter, revising an essay, or polishing a report, the EWC is the place for you. We offer discussion-based tutorials for individuals and groups that empower writers to enact strategies for writing, revising, and editing. 

Are you working on a video essay, podcast script, or presentation? Our tutors are trained to work with digital and multimodal texts in addition to traditional papers. 

Are you a professor who seeking a student-centered perspective on a new prompt or syllabus? We can help! Tutors can talk with you about the purpose, organization, and audience of your work, your design choices, how you engage other texts, and more.

While our tutors do address sentence-level concerns (grammar, syntax, word choice, etc.), we will not proofread or edit for you. Instead, we will discuss strategies and resources you can use to become a better editor of your own work.

Make an appointment using our online appointment system.

Beyond appointments, the EWC can organize writing workshops for your class or organization, direct you to writing resources, and more! Don’t hesitate to reach out to the leadership team and let us know how we can support you.

Emory Writing Center
Attention: Lex Hackney

537 S. Kilgo Circle
Callaway North, N111
Atlanta, Georgia 30322
Mail Stop: 1535-003-1AA (ECAS: English)
N111 Callaway Memorial Center